Our vision is to be professional, dynamic and competitive company specialized in manufacturing
and selling orthopedic equipment.
Our mission is to supply people with high-quality responsibly manufactured orthopedic equipment
which improves quality of their life.

Joint project of several Lithuanian companies which provide services in orthopedics manufacturing, medical and rehab areas. Corporate cooperation brings together a team of experienced and young energetic professionals,
which solves the problems of each patient individually. Patients are consulted, cured and prescribed with orthopedic technical parts by highly qualified doctors – orthopedists – traumatologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, vascular surgeons. Experienced and responsible
orthopedists-prosthetists and orthopedists-technicians order, make and customize orthopedic
technical models:
• after limb amputations – arm and leg prosthetics;
• after injuries and other illnesses – plastic and textile splints, corsets for hands, feet, spine;
• shoe liners for treatment, rehabilitation, sport and daily use;
• other orthopedic products and various aids for the disabled.
Prosthetics are made of high quality, harmless, safe, specially designed for prosthetics
lightweight materials that are manufactured in the largest, most experienced companies
In Europe – Otto Bock, Streifeneder, OSSUR.
Professional, experienced orthopedists-prosthetists are constantly going on internships and training, so latest technologies are used and applied in the production of limb prostheses. Company made
limb prostheses are not so visually different from natural limbs, making it easier for a person to care,
to integrate and lead a full, social life.
We know about the people who use our prosthetic limbs and care
personally during the period of prosthesis and prosthetic use.